John Landis, Peter Jackson and Brett Eisner have one thing in common. They were all tapped at one point to revive Universal's 1954 classic monster flick, Creature from the Black Lagoon. Well, the Gill-man may have found his home with a new director yet. Universal is in early talks with Carl Erik Rinsch to direct the remake about a science expedition's encounter with a mysterious and terrifying undersea creature.

Rinsch was in talks with Ridley and Tony Scott to direct an Alien prequel at one point, until Ridley Scott decided to return to the franchise he originally launched. Rinsch shoots commercials for the Scott's production company RSA. Hopefully he'll be able to show off his monster chops with this one soon. The film is being produced by Strike Entertainment's Marc Abraham and Eric Newman, along with Gary Ross. Creature's script is getting a redo.

Universal has been anxious to get this project in the works. Their remake of the 1941 classic The Wolfman has showed a lot of promise and hopefully will succeed. Otherwise, Creature may have murky waters to contend with upon release.
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