Daybreakersmay not be the first movie to integrate Facebook into their social media marketing campaigns, but to date, they are by far the most creative.

In the Daybreakers universe, the blood supply is running out as the human population nears extinction. Bromley Marks is the company that efficiently harvests human blood to help the population survive after a virus in a common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus) is transferred to a human, resulting in an epidemic turning most humans into vampires. They have a website to help capture humans so Bromley Marks can harvest the blood more efficiently than a simple kill.

The site,, works without the Facebook application, but is much more entertaining with it, as it includes you and your friends in the "Special Report: 10 Years On." Without the Facebook application, it includes additional material as well as images from the trailers to create the report.

This assertive campaign promoting the Speirig Brothers' follow up to Undeadactively integrates you and your friends profile pictures into their promotional site for Bromley Marks.

Daybreakers is scheduled for wide release on January 8, 2010.

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