In a world where most romcoms are as typical as day, I was looking forward to Wedding Banned, the flick that would have Robin Williams playing a dad who kidnaps his daughter on her wedding day with his ex to keep her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Since I last wrote about the project, Anna Faris signed on to play the daughter, and Diane Keaton, the mother and ex-wife. But it's all moot now. THR'sRisky Business Blog reports that new Disney chief Rich Ross has put Wedding Banned into turnaround.

Following on the axing of Captain Nemo: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the romcom was pushed aside, one of the reasons being the little money Old Dogs has brought in. To be fair to Ross, there is the potential for disappointment with this pic, especially grabbing the too-safe Diane Keaton for the wife role, an all-out typical choice and a comedic actress who isn't exactly rolling in the box office fortune lately. Then again, Old Dogs is nothing like a marriage romcom, so comparing the two seems to put unnecessary and unfair blame at the feet of Robin Williams.

With Disney's slate continuing to thin, what will step into its place? I bet it'll be some sort of generic and copycat fare. It seems Ross has told colleagues that The Blind Side and Twilight should've been on the Disney roster. Let's hope they take a cue from two very specific things about those hits -- they both dared to do something unique. The former told a current and timely sports story with a whole marketing perk built in, while the latter tapped into an oft-ignored market. Will Disney find its own unique fare, or just aim to tap into the already established successes of other studios?
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