With Breck Eisner's remake of George Romero's cult film The Crazies set to debut in February, many folks have started to wonder what the guy would direct next. The filmmaker was attached to direct a remake of the 1950's classic The Creature from the Black Lagoon, but that fell through earlier this year.

With that project off the docket, the LA Times' Hero Complex blog is reporting he'll be tackling a different remake for his next cinematic outing--an updating of David Cronenberg's The Brood. Cronenberg's version debuted in 1979 and featured Art Hindle, Samantha Eggar, and Oliver Reed in a tale of cult-like psychology, murderous mutant children, and the usual Cronenbergian themes of body modification.

Truthfully, remaking The Brood is a terrible idea. Cronenberg's films are all uniquely his own. The recurring themes in his work aren't something that someone else can just walk in and replicate. This is particularly true of The Brood, which is one of the filmmaker's most personal works. The dissolution of family on display in this particular movie mirrors Cronenberg's own acrimonious divorce. Somehow, I'd imagine that's going to be lost in a remake.

The announced Videdrome remake had people (rightfully) up in arms--yet news of Hollywood tinkering with something as unique as The Brood is even more troubling. Maybe Eisner can pull it off--I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until we see the finished product.
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