Jeff Bridges is that rare type of actor who is both amazingly gifted and extremely down to earth. The son of Lloyd Bridges and younger brother of Beau Bridges, he has been nominated for an Academy Award four times (for 'The Last Picture Show,''Thunderbolt and Lightfoot,''Starman' and 'The Contender'). An actor known for disappearing into his roles, his easy charm has made him an audience favorite for years.

At age 60, Bridges may have found his Oscar-winning role in 'Crazy Heart,' a moving tale of a country singer named Bad Blake who has seen the peak of his success and makes his living driving himself from gig to gig, indulging in liquor and women at every stop -- until he meets a young journalist (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who changes his life.

In an exclusive interview, Bridges talked animatedly about his love of music and his father's influence on his career.
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