If you have seen the darkly comic 'Bring It On', you have never been able to look at cheerleaders in quite the same way again. That's all thanks to screenwriter Jessica Bendinger, a 43-year-old former model who also served as a writer and consultant for 'Sex and the City', Season 4. Bendinger has now released her first book, 'The Seven Rays.' Last night, I was invited to the coming-of-age novel's launch at the swanky, legendary Chateau Marmont hotel on the Sunset Strip. Led Zeppelin drove motorcycles through its lobby. John Belushi died there. Keanu Reeves called it 'home' for a while.

Chateau Marmont, or "The Chateau" as it is commonly known, is an oasis of charm and history nestled in the hills just above Sunset Boulevard. I know that because that's what it says on their brochure. If you'd like to stay there, and you have a spare $3700, you can kick back in the two-bedroom penthouse. If that's too much to spend (keep in mind these rates are American dollars), you can laze in either a poolside bungalow for just $1800, or a simple room for $395.
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