Update: The trailer has just arrived over on Apple.

Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally, golly what a day. Hours after the Australian Courier Mail ran the first official Robin Hood photos, Universal released the first trailer from Ridley Scott's renamed epic.

First, let's talk about the trailer. I've had very high hopes for Robin Hood, but they've been lowered a notch or twelve with the teaser. It looks like Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven had a baby, and named it Robin Hood. Whether or not that will turn into a definitive version of the legend, a cool medieval action movie, or an annoying hodgepodge of medievalism will be revealed next year. But for now, it's somewhere between "cool" and "medieval mess." I'm not sure why so many directors seem to fumble when it comes to setting anything in the medieval world. Yes, they wore odd clothing, were steeped in mysticism, and had poor food and sanitation, but it's not really any more foreign than the Regency or Victorian period. But set a movie in the Middle Ages, and it becomes a weird mess of anachronism and creepiness, which is honestly what this trailer seems full of. (To be fair, it isn't just Hollywood. A similar thing happens in history and literature classes. Old and Middle English will throw even the sturdiest student. They start treating it like German and freak out. It's funny! I laugh because I no longer have to diagram dead languages.)

At least the photos are pretty. Russell Crowe is back to his Gladiator hunkiness (though if you're like me, you find him hot even in State of Play shagginess), and Cate Blanchett looks luminous as always. I love her dresses, and she rightly lacks a sidesaddle while riding alongside Robin. The stills give me hope, if only because they lack a rocking guitar track.

The trailer and official synopsis is below the jump.