If you've been following the lucky BNAT attendees on Twitter, you saw the early Kick-Ass reactions. Once our own John Gholson became conscious again, he even wrote up his own review / reaction of the film over on SciFi Squad. If you've recovered from your jealous rage, you can have a taste of the film courtesy of UGO. It's quite a taste too, because you'll finally get to meet Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and his young daughter and protege, Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz).

The clip originally premiered at this year's ComicCon, but has now been extended just for the unlucky masses who missed Kick-Ass in San Diego and in Austin. I don't want to spoil the clip for you, but it's just enough to convince you that it may be one of the craziest and creepiest performances Cage has ever given. You know that's saying something. I still maintain that Hit Girl is my daughter, and not Cage's, and through an unlucky twist of fate, he's the one responsible for training her in the ways of vigilantism. She takes to it like a natural though. Watch the clip to see just how well -- but I must warn you it'll ask for your birthday and it's definitely NSFW.

Kick-Ass blasts into theaters on April 16, 2010. In the meantime, if you know anyone who went to BNAT this year, cross them off your Christmas list. They already got their present from the entire universe.