Here's a peek at the new one sheet for Adam Green's Frozen which will be making its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah this January. Just a person dangling from a ski lift a bazillion feet in the air. No big deal...until I sleep tonight and have nightmares about the skiing trip I took when I was a kid. It's freaking amazing and terrifying to be suspended that high above everything. The poster looks like a beauty and I can't wait to see high-res images.

Frozen stars Kevin Zegers, Shawn Ashmore and Emma Bell as three friends who go skiing and end up stranded on a chairlift. They are forced to make life or death decisions that end up being far more terrifying than freezing to death. Green is a little insane and that's why we love him. Dread Central recently quoted Green as saying, "This is going to be one of the most physically challenging and insanely difficult film shoots of all time. All practical, no sound stage bullshit, at 10,000 feet, on the side of a mountain, -20 degree weather, with the cast suspended 50 feet in the air."

You can check out a behind-the-scenes clip of Frozen after the jump, which features lots and lots of snow.
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