It's been simmering for a while now, lurking in the depths of the cinematic sea, not sharing any news or creating much fuss, but now it looks like all systems are go for Universal Pictures' remake of the classic 1954 film, Creature From the Black Lagoon. Variety reports that the studio is now talking to Carl Rinsch about directing the feature, which focuses on an expedition along the Amazon River and the discovery of a man-like sea creature with a yearning for lovely human ladies.

It might seem surprising that they're zeroing in on an unknown, but while his name is still fresh in Hollywood, Rinsch has been tapped for some big projects. He's helming 47 Ronin, and he was slated for the A L I E N prequel before Ridley Scott decided to direct it himself. On top of that, the upcoming director has made a name for himself helming some pretty fancy commercials, which can be seen right here.

Obviously, they're going for the sleek and fancy feature creature approach, but oh, how worried I am about how that will turn out. Breck Eisner was once attached and thinking along the lines of Werner Herzog, but that obviously didn't pan out. There's some concept art, which looks decent, but I'm worried about the rumored plans to mix in CG. Computers are great and all, but not everything has to be completely computer made.

But what say you, are you intrigued by the idea of a slick creature courtesy of Carl Rinsch?
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