If all you know of Adam Green is Hatchet, you might be surprised to learn that A) he co-directed a rather fine psycho-thriller called Spiral, B) he produced a very impressive new horror film called Grace, C) he's done over a dozen short films, most of which are hilarious, and D) he's jumping into Hatchet 2 in only a few weeks. But before that happens, Green would love for us to check out his latest directorial effort, Frozen. It's the story of three friends who ... well, let's let Adam spill the beans:

Cinematical: Give us the "guy on the street" synopsis of the film.

Adam Green: Frozen is about three skiers who find themselves stranded and forgotten on a chair lift at a tiny New England ski mountain that is going to be closed until the following weekend. Fifty feet in the air and facing severe weather and other terrible forces of nature, the three must struggle to survive and make life or death choices that prove worse than staying put and freezing to death. It's all shot practically, no sound stage, no green screen -- the actors and crew really lived through it... and it clearly shows. It's a highly emotional suspense/thriller where the will to survive meets the worst ways to die! You probably won't go skiing ever again.

Cinematical: After what you've been through, are you afraid of the "cold" temperatures in Park City?

Adam Green: The temperatures in Park City will be a walk in the park compared to what I went through on Frozen. Try spending a month doing overnight shoots in the dead of winter, at 10,000 feet altitude, with 65 mph winds, blizzards and hail storms all while dangling fifty-feet in the air sometime. It's about as fun as it sounds.

Adam Green: Name two or three films that (at least in some small way) inspired Frozen.

And how. Jaws and Lifeboat were my two biggest influences and inspirations in making Frozen. The 'man vs. nature' theme and sheer emotional drama and primal fear of Jaws was my inspiration while Hitchcock's brilliant method of taking a completely contained, inescapable situation yet keeping it tense and interesting through character and performance ... Lifeboat was a big inspiration!