The Sandman is returning to television...sort of. Thomas Haden Church -- who made his name over 123 episodes of Wings, and later in Sideways and Spider-Man 3 -- will star in FEARnet's Zombie Roadkill series. The on-demand channel will produce six-episodes, each installment clocking in around four or five minutes apiece.

In the series, Haden Church will play a park ranger who must help a teenager (David Dorfman) survive a stretch of highway terrorized by, you guessed it, zombie roadkill. A fellow by the name of David Green is set to direct from a script by Henry Gayden.

Perhaps the most interesting bit on the production side of this team is the people behind the creature effects. Frank Langley and Tom Bacho of Quantum FX (Where the Wild Things Are, Star Trek, Watchmen) are on roadkill and splatter duties, so let's see how these guys can stretch a budget.

The full press release courtesy of FEARnet is regurgitated below for your convenienceafter the jump.
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