There is something pretty wonderful about the second trailer for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Yes, we get to see more of Wonderland, more of Alice, and more of all the people and creatures she meets in Wonderland, but that's not precisely the wonderful I'm referring to. I love that there is no reason to explain the story.

The teaser trailer, which glimpsed Alice shrinking down after drinking the potion and meeting up with the weird denizens of Wonderland, was intended purely to announce two things. First, that Tim Burton would be putting his particular stamp upon the classic tale. Second, box office favorite Johnny Depp would be filling seats as the Mad Hatter. Given the teasing nature of that first trailer, one would expect the second, longer look at the film embedded below to feature a typical Hollywood family film trailer voice over explaining why Alice goes down the rabbit hole, who the Mad Hatter is, who the Red Queen is, and why Alice is important.

And yet, no such elaborations are necessary. Even 144 years after Charles Lutwidge Dodgson published Alice's Adventures in Wonderland under the pen name Lewis Carroll, people still know the story. They know the characters, they know the creatures, and they know the world of Wonderland. That alone puts a smile on my face. Sure, it doesn't hurt that Burton's version looks appropriately loony, but what I love most is how it further exemplifies how much of a staple the story has become no matter what generation it's being told to or tailored for.

Plus, as a bonus, it looks fun enough to completely erase any foul memories of Syfy's extremely dull mini-series updating of Alice that aired last week. I suppose for that favor alone, I'm now obliged to buy a ticket come March 5th, 2010.