Just in case you were worried that this little vampire-Hollywood love affair might suddenly disappear, never fear, because we have yet another fanged feature coming our way.

Thor screenwriters Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz will handle writing duties on Damn Nation, a vampire-survival flick set in the future. The project is based on Andrew Cosby and Jason Alexander's (no, not that Jason Alexander) Dark Horse Comics three-issue mini-series of the same name.

In Damn Nation, humans are plagued by carnivorous night-dwelling creatures that only come out at night (the plot descriptions I've read seem to carefully avoid "vampire"). The remnants of organized government have holed up in London while the survivors, well, survive until scientists can figure out a solution to the vampire problem.

There's probably one recent film in particular that comes to mind based on that brief synopsis (I Am thinking of a Will Smith movie...), so let's just leave it at this: Hopefully the Dark Horse Entertainment/ Damn Nation production team knows well enough to avoid going the CGI route for these post-apocalyptic night-dwellers. Because as we now know, CGI vampires (or blood-sucking night creatures, whatever you want to call or avoid calling them) may not look as silly as sparkling vampires, but it's still pretty awful.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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