Either things are progressing rather smoothly over at Natalie Portman's production company or the news that actress' outfit was teaming up with Darko Films and Lionsgate to adapt Seth Grahame-Smith's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has already sparked some rumors. According to the site Pajiba.com, Three Kings and I Heart Huckabees director David O. Russell is set to not only write the adaptation of PaPaZ, but direct it as well.

This would be the first time Russell has stepped into horror movie territory, but considering the notoriously difficult to work with director has had a rough time getting and keeping projects off the ground in the last few years, I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up giving a new genre a shot. Then again, the last time Pajiba reported on a horror movie rumor (they claimed an unidentified source told them The Birds remake was gearing back together with Last House on the Left director Dennis Iliades), a few of the bigger horror sites were quick to step in and say not so fast.

But hey, it's a slow news day and they same confident, so I'm just jumping on this possibility of David O. Russell directing PaPaZ as an excuse to post 1) a fan's poster for a Left 4 Dead version of the film, and 2) a video of the bullet wound effect from Three Kings. Enjoy.
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