If you demanded to know my favorite science fiction sub-genre, the answer would be time travel (although I'm not sure why you're demanding...that's just rude). The Terminator. Lost. Back to the Future. It was my selfish actions that allowed Primer and Timecrimes to make our Best Science Fiction Films of the Decade list and District 9 to not. The concept of displacing yourself in another world that is just your own minus or plus a period of time is simply fascinating to me. However, every time travel movie made before was lacking one thing: HOT TUBS.

Now, this has been rectified. The trailer for the aptly-titled Hot Tub Time Machinehas hit Yahoo and it looks pretty damn funny. Like how Primer and Timecrimes used time travel as an excuse to deliver high-concept thrillers, Hot Tub Time Machine uses time travel as an excuse to throw John Cusack, Craig Robinson and Rob Corddry into the 1980s for various ski resort hijinks. The how's of time travel take a definite back seat to a comedic romp through a world of bad fashion and synthesized music.

Word out there is that Hot Tub Time Machine is a very hard R and that this approved-for-all-audiences trailer doesn't even begin to do the film justice, but my interest is piqued. I was sold the moment the ever-hilarious Robinson stole the trailer by turning to the camera and telling us the film's title. SOLD.

Hot Tube Time Machine hits theaters March 19, 2010 and is directed by Steve Pink, who wrote the wonderful Grosse Pointe Blank and directed the tepid Accepted. If this can latch onto the Hangover audience, it could be a sleeper hit.
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