It really is the holiday season and the world is full of miracles. As Peter Hall noted, we've been getting lots of little hints and previews, all leading up to the big reveal. Less than a week after it premiered at BNAT, and still more than a week to its big screen Sherlock Holmes premiere, we've got theIron Man 2trailer!

Oh, how sweet it is! You have sexy Stark Expo dancers, Whiplash, War Machine, explosions, Black Widow and ... so much that you might actually weep with joy if you're that kind of geek. And let's face it, we all are at this point. I particularly enjoy the sexy interplay between Pepper and Tony. The "You complete me!" line is pretty much worth the price of admission all on its own.

It's still a long way until summer, so you'll have to watch this over and over again. But at least you can finally feel like you were at ComicCon with everyone else. Just crank up the heat in your apartment and you'll have that Hall H experience right up until next May.

The trailer will be embedded below as soon as we have it, but you'll want to head over to Apple and watch the shiny version over there. Give us a kiss before you go. You might not make it back. And check out the gallery below!

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