One must hack their way through the Internet with a machete these days to get through the legion of flow charts that always seem to crop up whenever you're not looking for them. However, all the What Fast Food Should I Eat flow charts in the world have suddenly been justified if it meant the trend would inevitably bring for this brilliant Morgan Freeman Chain of Command image.

I stumbled across the chart via Reddit, but it looks to have originated from, and that actually makes a fair bit of sense considering this is probably the classiest Invictus release tie-in post the website for the men's magazine was capable of. In case the name of the chart and the clipping above don't make it obvious, this is a linear flow chart depicting the hierarchical ranking of characters Morgan Freeman has played throughout his illustrious career. And for the like of me I cannot think of another actor for whom you can manifest such an illustration.

One could debate who has more power once the ranking gets down to the trenches - a freed slave may or may not have more freedom than an inmate at Shawshank State Penitentiary - but for the most part, it's an airtight breakdown that highlights the many positions of power Freeman has fictitiously occupied over the years. I've included a smaller sized copy of the graphic below for convenience, but please join me in gathering any head garments in your home for a simultaneous hat tip to Maxim for creating this gem.
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