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has taken on Stingray Sam, an episodic space musical that features an all-male planet, Fredward. Stingray Sam is coerced into a mission on Fredward, where male pregnancy and gender-determining pills have made women extinct.

While the technology for gender-determinant pills isn't currently available, How Stuff Works points out that according to the Oxford Journal of Reproduction, sperm separation technology does exist. It's a medical technology used in other science fiction as a premise to discuss gender issues and the potentially devastating results of choosing one gender over another instead of relying on natural selection.

On planet Fredward, with a male only population, the only way to reproduce is male impregnation. Today, few species involve males in hosting the developing young, such as male seahorses. According to Popular Science, Robert Winston insisted the technology was only 20 years off as of 1999. Winston detailed a method involving in-vitro fertilization and implanting the embryo implanted in the wall of his peritoneum.
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