What if Hermione Granger left her familiar homeland of England to come teach at severely neglected school of witchcraft and wizardry in inner city America? Can you even imagine a Hogwarts with no spell books and, gasp, only one hippogriff? Or how about a member of Dumbledore's Army getting in way over her head? It would surely be a magical story of a teacher who becomes the student, culminating, no doubt, in some kind of Quidditch tournament to save the rec center.

I love me a good spoof trailer for a fake movie, and the new funny making its way around the Intertubes is CollegeHumor's trailer for Dangerous Wands. It's a brilliant and moving embrace of the world of Harry Potter that picks apart how formulaic Teacher Breaks Through to Neglected Students films are. And, this being a delightful riff on Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds, it even features a Potter'ized cover of Coolio's Gangster's Paradise to boot!

Unfortunately, the only sad thing about this joke is that it is, well, a joke. I would pay a sack full of galleons to see Danerous Wands if it was a real movie, but alas it is not. Between this being fake and Quidditch not being feasible without drastic advancements in broom aviation, I'm starting to get really bummed out at not actually living in a world in which Hogwarts is real.
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