I used to have this pet theory that you should be able to buy just clips of movies, you know, just so you could get to the good parts without having to sit through the whole film. Now even I thought this was a crackpot idea, but I guess the same thought hasn't occurred to Paramount, because the studio has just launched ParamountClips.com, a service that would allow you to make and buy clips from your favorite Paramount films. The site was launched on Tuesday, and is powered by a "proprietary video interpretation systems, [that] allows films to be quickly searched by specific actor, line of dialog, location, genre or product, among other criteria." Once you've found the flick of your choice, you select your clip, choose your format (mobile, Internet, or broadcast), then you get your bill and you're on your way.

So what makes this any different from taking a clip on YouTube and embedding it into your own personal site or blog (other than the not free part)? Well, as it turns out, not much, but the service is the latest attempt by the industry to generate revenue from their existing libraries. Think of it like how the music industry found a new source of cash in the world of ring tones. Some of their titles include The Godfather, Forrest Gump, Top Gun, and Grease, and Paramount expects to add a third of the studio's total library. But the big question is: how much is this going to cost? Well, it ain't cheap, and you could pay up to $100,000 for a clip (if you intend to broadcast it). Now as you can guess, this service isn't for your average moviegoer, but Paramount is promising to open up the site to consumers in the near future.

So what do you think: would you want your very own 'movie-ring tone', and more importantly, are you willing to pay for it?
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