I've never been to Sundance, but I have seen the episode of Entourage where Queen's Boulevard premieres at the film festival, which I do believe makes me an expert who can publicly bemoan how commercial the once independent fest has become. Okay, so maybe it doesn't, but even an outsider like me can see Sundance doesn't exactly represent what genuine independent cinema is like. And it seems the folks who run the Slamdance Film Festival every year would agree.

So if you happen to be in Park City, Utah in January between the 21st and the 28th, you might want to check out the Slamdance lineup below for some more strictly independent cinema, as opposed to the high-profile indies that seem to dominate the Sundance roster these days. You may recall that Slamdance was the fest that brought a little home video experiment called Paranormal Activity to the attention of the world. Who knows, maybe one of the titles below will someday dethrone it as the most profitable movie ever made.

Doubtful, but still worth a shot.
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