There's a new indie on the way that I have a feeling you might want to see. It tackles a modern and relevant subject matter -- mass killings at educational institutions -- and it also boasts a cast that you probably never would have dreamed of. Variety reports that Maria Bello and Michael Sheen have wrapped production on an upcoming film called Beautiful Boy. But they're not the only ones attached to this feature. They star alongside Moon Bloodgood, Alan Tudyk, Kyle Gallner, Austin Nichols, and Meat Loaf.

Whether you love epic, karaoke-adored rock songs, dodgeballing pirates, geeky teen killers trying to axe Veronica Mars, Blair Williams, or a dude who can be a werewolf or a vampire, this indie definitely has the bases covered. Written by director Shawn Ku and Michael Armbruster, the film focuses on a married couple (Sheen and Bello) who are about to get separated when they learn that their 18-year-old son in college has committed a mass shooting at his school before taking his own life.

While I'm still waiting for a killer rendition of Douglas Coupland's Girlfriend in a Coma, this is definitely a topic that hasn't been done to death. It also nicely boasts the twist of focusing on the parents who spawned the killer -- something far from the black and white storytelling you'd might expect.

Since production has wrapped, we should hear more about this feature soon.

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