I'm not sure who originally said it (although I like to think it was Ms. Debbie Hunt), but desperation is truly the world's worst cologne, and right now Blockbuster Video is starting to stink. The retailer has been struggling to stay competitive in the face of on-demand video and downloadable films from services like Netflix and Redbox, and all of it has certainly added up to a rough year for them. After a disastrous third quarter, stores are closing and they're losing money hand over fist, so what is the chain to do? Well, I will say this for them, they aren't going down without a fight. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on some of the new services and products the mega-chain is launching as their latest attempt to stay in the entertainment game ... but is it enough?

According to WSJ, Blockbuster is looking to expand beyond the DVD rental market, and is making inroads to the digital world by developing an iPhone application that would let customers check to see if a rental is in-stock, as well as expanding their offerings in-store like selling video games, concert tickets, and even branding entertainment hardware like DVD players that would have a direct connection to their online store where you could download Blockbuster titles onto your player. Unfortunately, these newfangled strategies are still a long way off, but until then Blockbuster is hoping to fill the gap by offering a new service that would mail a DVD at the in-store price to your home if your local store doesn't have it in stock.

Blockbuster's Chief Executive, Jim Keyes, remains optimistic that the retailer will come out on top (comparing it to the switch from VHS to DVD), but I'm still not convinced that a couple of snazzy new services is enough to save Blockbuster, are you?