It seems like we're getting a new Clash of the Titans trailer every couple of days and each one is pretty much the same as the last with only a handful of new shots. Apple has the newest one and it looks very much like the last one, which was released about four days ago. Maybe less. Who's counting, anyway?

But if my movie looked as awesome as this one does, I'd be making a trailer every hour on the hour out of sheer principle. I'm not a particularly big fan of the original Clash of the Titans film (outside of Harryhausen's amazing stop motion, it's a bit of a slog), but I'm a minor Greek mythology buff and I am literally quivering in anticipation for this one. I think we're going to get a lot of complaining about a) How this is nothing like the original film, and b) How this is nothing like the original myths! Welcome to the internet, where nostalgia and intellectual pretension finally find a place to unite.

I think I can effortlessly ignore the pre-release grumblings because I've seen Sam Worthington riding Pegasus while battling a massive Kraken summoned by Liam Neeson's Zeus. I'm set. I'm sold. Bring on March 26, 2010. I can't think of a movie I'm looking forward to more.
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