Just this last summer, I wondered just where the lovely Rene Russo had gone, and a lot of you shared the sentiment. Well it turns out she had actually transcended a human plane of existence and become a goddess since, according to Variety, she's joined the cast of Thor!

Russo will be playing Frigga, the wife of Odin and stepmother to Thor and Loki. Like all members of Asgard, she's a badass, though she favors magic spells over swords and shields. In Norse mythology, she was "foremost among the goddesses" and possessed the gift of prophecy. She was the only one Odin allowed to sit on his high throne, and look out over the universe. I hardly think Marvel or Kenneth Branagh will demote her, or let her have less authority in Asgard. She's Rene Russo, for heaven's sake! She took on every action hero in the 1990s and lived to tell about it. She can handle herself in an otherworldly mead hall.

Thor has one heck of a big cast -- and I suspect we're in for at least one more announcement because Balder is still up for grabs. He's an Asgardian whose story is tangled with just about everyone's, especially Frigga and the Warriors Three. And just how will there be room for everyone? Will they all be blink-and-you-miss-it cameos, or will they all get to throwdown with Loki? I hope it's the latter, and I can't wait to find out. I never thought I'd actually be excited for a Thor film. I'll forever be haunted by the skepticism I cast on it.
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