Everything needs more sharks in 3D. Especially packs of bloodthirsty tiger sharks and Screen Australia will be giving us just that in Russell Mulcahy's Bait 3D. This is the first 3D film to receive funding from Screen Australia, a government arts agency and their fourth feature.

Mulcahy finds himself in familiar monster territory after his 1984 flick, Razorback. He also directed the 2007 feature Resident Evil: Extinction. Bait 3D centers on group of people trapped in a flooded underground supermarket with an armed robber and a pack of hungry tiger sharks after a tsunami swallows the town. Happy holidays Bait, you're all gonna die down there. You can read what Peter Hall thinks about Baithere.

This nature-run-amok story in 3D will hopefully bring some great visuals. It will be nice to see Mulcahy back on the map with another signature Aussie horror flick. Razorback's depiction of the outback was almost expressionistic--providing lots of striking and stylized eye candy. Think early Michael Mann and neon dreams.
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