I praise The Long Kiss Goodnightto anyone who will listen, and if you hung around Cinematical last year, you might even remember that it was one of my unconventional holiday picks. Seeing as we're in the thick of the holly and the ivy, I think it's time to watch one of its snowbound scenes.

Unfortunately, the whims of YouTube mean that every scene I'd like to post is either ten minutes long, or lost in the fan made gaps. So, I've compromised and picked a big chunk of Goodnight that is just chock full of Christmas spirit. First, you have Charlie kicking Henessey out of her car before deciding to circle back to pick him up. She claims it's because she needs him, but we all know that it's all that holiday stuff about "faithful friends who are dear to us." Second, you have Charlie's turnaround when she spies her daughter at the Christmas pageant. I've always found something very delightful over the fact that her heart melts while she's gazing through her Ruger rifle scope. It's a change of heart that carries all the way through to that fateful cell phone call, when Timothy happily announces he's kidnapped her daughter.

Plus, there's the moment of true action camp when she shoots a carload of bad guys while on ice skates. It's hilarious. It's the kind of frosty moment they should write carols about.

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