Something real stinky is beginning to pollute the production of Spider-Man 4, and it's hard not to worry about the eventual outcome. According to IESB, sources deep inside the production have informed them that all movement on the fourth installment has grounded to a halt because a) there doesn't appear to be a completed script yet, and b) the studio and director Sam Raimi can't seen to agree on a villain. The site claims that Raimi really wants Vulture to be his villain (hence the recent news that John Malkovich was being eyed for the role), but the studio wants any villain but Vulture (perhaps because they've since read the nasty negative online reaction that popped up once the Vulture rumors began making the rounds).

And to further infuriate those who still actually care about this movie, apparently the title they've been using during pre-production is Spider-M4N. I know, it's painful, but we'll get through this together I promise. With all the hoopla going on, still no one has given us a clear-cut reason as to why they're not bringing this sucker full circle by making The Lizard Spidey's main villain. That's what makes the most sense, that's what the fans want and that's what would give Peter Parker the sort of personal battle that Raimi loves. That is, unless Lizard is already in there and Raimi is fighting for a second villain in Vulture -- perhaps to act as an instigator for Lizard like he was originally supposed to do for Sandman when the character was tossed around for Spider-Man 3.

All we can do at this point is hope they get their issues squared away in time to save this from becoming an all-out in-house war. Bad vibes and giant egos will seriously damage the final product, and if Sony wants people to give a crap about Spider-Man beyond part four, they need to settle this right now. Thoughts?

Updated: Naturally the studio has denied these rumors, saying the break from production is due to the holidays and not because it's in any kind of trouble. (MTV)
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