One of my favorite games of late 2008 was EA's Dead Space, a sci-fi survival horror title set on a spaceship overrun by mutant monsters. It was creepy and occasionally challenging, plus the main focus of the gameplay involved dismembering said mutant monsters with weaponry improvised out of tools found on the shit. Nothing quite says "awesome" like chopping limbs off an enemy with a tractor beam gun that shoots whirling saw blades...

It's no secret that developer Visceral Games is hard at work on a sequel, but until recently details have been fairly scarce. That's changed with the debut of this eight minute interview segment over at Game Informer's website. I have to admit, EA does great promo videos for their titles--this and the countless Dante's Inferno developer diaries they've shared over the course of the past year are fantastic.

Anyway, the team talks about what players can expect from Isaac's second battle with the Necromorphs. I'll not spoil everything, but the game appears to be shaping up as an organic advancement to what Dead Space started. The crew talks about new weaponry and a new suit for Alex, how the story will tie into the ancillary Dead Space franchise (which includes comics and an animated feature), and reveal that Isaac will speak in this outing.

No official word yet on when we might get our hands on this title, but rest assured that you'll read it here when it's announced.

Jump past the break to check out GI's video interview with the Visceral Games team.
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