When sequels, prequels, and reboots are announced before a movie has even hit theaters, it's hard to remember all the shock and drama that swirled around them prior to their release date. So if you've forgotten that X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaked on April 1 to the tune of 4,000,000 downloads, you're forgiven. But now we get to dredge that story up again because according to The Hollywood Reporter, the FBI has finally arrested the man allegedly responsible.*

At the time, there were lots of rumors that a disgruntled Fox employee was responsible, possibly even someone associated with the film. The mystery has only deepened with the arrest, as THR reports that it's a fellow named Gilberto Sanchez, 47, who resides in a Bronx apartment in New York City. He uploaded the film to Megaupload.com under an alias. No one knows how he received a copy of the film, and it'll be fascinating to find out the truth on that score. Will it be a total fluke? Or will the pirated film be a conspiracy that reaches all the way to some humble effects designer?

Sanchez faces a hefty sentence for his file sharing: three years in prison and a $250,000 fine. That's a surprisingly small fine considering Fox still hints that they lost millions of box office due to its online piracy. But will Hugh Jackman's broken heart factor into the sentencing? Will Sanchez at least have to write an "I'm Sorry" or IOU to the musclebound actor? What do you think this guy deserves, and do you really think Fox lost millions because of the leak?

*ETA: Apparently, "arrested" gives the impression of condemnation. So, let us stress again he is simply charged with the crime, not convicted.
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