Yeah, I've been raving in angst-filled hope about The Runaways. Could we finally be entering a time when teen music films finally whip back to the '90s, where expression and left-of-dial attitudes reign supreme? I just shared the killer shot of Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie the other day, and now we've got our first look at the new trailer for the film, courtesy of MTV (watch it after the jump).

Just the teasingly briefest of blurbs, the shots show some live-action from the stills we've previously seen, plus some on-stage performing combined with half-naked rock stars throwing instruments while looking all strung out. This is getting bad, each tantalizing blip increasing the world of expectation.

Regardless of who stars, and the fact that the film is a big selling point to Twi-hards who want to see Bella and Jane rock out, it's young women doing their own thing! They are rocking without bubblegum-cheery faces on the backdrop of a High School Musical. It sends me into daydreams of Joan Jett taking her leather-clad legs and choking the life out of the Mouse House's perfectly bubbly teen fare. Is there any chance this can live up to expectation, or will it just be a sea of lip biting?

We'll find out when the film premieres next month at the Sundance Film Festival, so keep it tuned right here to Cinematical for the first review. Meanwhile, everyone else will have to wait till it hits theaters this March. Watch the trailer after the jump.