Most Christmas specials are colorful and saccharine. That's not a bad thing, of course. It's brought us the wonders of Rudolph, the jolly ho-ho-ho of Santa Claus. But sometimes it's nice to have a sliver of darkness, something beyond Charles Dickens' ghostly look at the past, present, and future. Like, for example, a wholly different other-worldly fellow, one much more sinister with his palindrome name, teamed with sea creatures in the brew and messages to Diane.

Yes, a little blip of Twin Peaks-themed Christmas. After the jump you can watch a Lynchian "12 Days of Christmas." This is not a retro spoof. Recorded for KROQ, it features the famous characters from David Lynch's TV series and movie. Cooper, Lucy, Bob, Bobby, Johnny, and Pete Martell. The song was only commercially available in LA, and popped up on radio stations across the country in 1990 (although I never heard it back then). It was only a song, but the video after the jump has it set to memorable scenes from the land of coffee and donuts.

Sure, it pulls the strings of Cinematical applicability a little, but hey -- Twin Peaks did become a movie, it's made by a famous cinematic director (not to mention the involvement of people like Mark Frost and the older Deschanels), and every Christmas could use more fish in the percolator. ...Don't you think?

[Lyrics and download available here.]

[via Kindertrauma]