It's hard to believe anyone thought it was a good idea to turn into a musical, let alone Federico Fellini. But apparently the filmmaker was happy to see his best work adapted for the stage back in 1982. I guess it had worked well enough for Nights of Cabiria, though the film version of that musical, Sweet Charity, was a tremendous box office flop. I imagine the new film of Ninewill have a similar fate. Yet even if it's somehow a hit, that won't excuse the fact that it's a choppy, stagy, soulless simplification of one of the most personal and expressionistic pieces of cinematic art ever produced.

Not all drama-turned-musical remakes are so awful, though the concept of redoing a movie in another genre is pretty funny ever since people started playing with the idea on YouTube. With Zhang Yimou's action-comedy take on the Coen Brothers' Blood Simple reportedly getting negative reviews in China and Nine suffering a similar critical response here, I thought I'd take a look at some of the other terrible genre-swapping remakes out there.

Most of these are unofficial adaptations, which slightly excuses them if only because they don't directly dishonor the originals. However, taking into consideration inspired and worthwhile genre-swap remakes like The Magnificent Seven, High Society, Outlandand A Fistful of Dollars, I can't help but think some of the titles below could have been a lot better.
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