Christmas Classics Reimagined as Action MoviesAs long as they've existed, Christmas movies have been instilling joy, celebrating family and generally warming moviegoers' hearts. But what if the holiday tales the world has come to know and love replaced their gooey sentimental centers with butt-kicking action and edge-of-your-seat adventure?

That's the idea behind a new version of 'The Nutcracker,' which was originally published as a story by E.T.W. Hoffman in 1816, was most famously adapted into an 1892 ballet by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and is now getting a modern makeover as an action-adventure movie, courtesy of New Line and scribe Darren Lemke.

Yes, you read that correctly: The magical yarn, about a girl's favorite Christmas toy that comes to life, defeats a malevolent Mouse King and whisks the girl off to a fantastical land populated by living toys, has been reimagined as a live-action 'Chronicles of Narnia'-esque epic. (We can see the tagline now: "This holiday season ... nuts will be cracked!")

Of course, we had to wonder what would happen if other Yuletide classics were given the action treatment. The resulting movies may not warm too many hearts, but they might just make you chuckle ... or give you the strange urge to crunch some bad-guy macadamias.