For some odd reason, we don't cover a lot of horror fiction here at Horror Squad but occasionally an announcement comes along that's so gigantic that we all have to put down our DVDs and videogames and actually think about picking up a book. Any news concerning Clive Barker's fiction falls well into that category.

If you're not following Barker on Twitter (and trust me, you should be), then you missed out on Barker's under-the-radar announcement of his new collection of short fiction, Black is the Devil's Rainbow. Luckily for us, Uncle Creepy over at Dread Central (who's had some hilarious exchanges with Barker over the past few months) spotted this one.

"Research day for polishes on a novella for the collection of short fiction to be delivered soon:' Black is The Devil's Rainbow.'"

It's been quite some time since we've had a new collection of Barker short fiction, so naturally this is pretty exciting.

Creepy dug deeper and found out what the collection was about courtesy of Revelations, the official Barker website.

Jump past the break for the full synopsis and a potential release date.

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