Awhile back it was brought to our attention that Ronny Yu, the director of Freddy vs. Jason, was tossing around ideas for a script involving an isolated bank owned by werewolves that's attacked by vampires. The only thing that could make this delightfully ridiculous concept any better would be the inclusion of zombies and thus completing the unholy trifecta of awesome.

Since there's no telling when, or if, this movie will be made, we'll have to settle for the next best thing. Bloody Disgusting has brought to our attention that the A. Lee Martinez novel "Gil's All Fright Diner," is set to be adapted by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris (Kung Fu Panda) and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld for Dreamworks Animation. The plot of the novel is as follows:

A werewolf, Duke, and a vampire, Earl, are good friends who take up refuge at an isolated diner in the desert when their truck is just about out of gas. Duke and Earl take up the offer of Loretta, the manager of the diner, to help out by getting rid of the pesky zombies that seem to enjoy attacking the diner. Throw in the mix ghosts and a couple hellbent on unleashing the "old gods," it's up to Duke and Earl to save the world.

Animated, live action, whatever. It just needs to happen, because that sounds like one hysterical premise.

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