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A look at tonight's sci-fi TV:

Dollhouse, "Stop-Loss," "The Attic" – It's another Dollhouse double bill as Fox tries to burn off the few remaining episodes as quickly as it can. In tonight's first hour, Victor is released from his contract, but he runs into trouble when his past as a soldier starts to haunt him. Will he come back to the House? Will he leave Sierra behind? And, more importantly, what's Victor really like when he isn't being controlled by the Dollhouse? I can't wait to see the awesome Enver Gjokaj take center stage in this one, especially after watching him "become" Topher a few weeks ago.

In Dollhouses' second hour, the inevitable happens as the Rossum big boys decide to stick Echo in the attic, where she encounters her worst nightmare (cancellation, perhaps?). Let's hope Joss Whedon has cooked up some decent horrors for us tonight. The attic is supposed to be Doll hell, and something tells me Echo's journey through its nine levels ain't gonna be pretty.

Sanctuary, "Sleepers,"
– Vampire Tesla returns! And he's on a mission to restore vampires to a place of dominance over the Earth. How does he plan on accomplishing this? By opening a resort in Mexico where he turns troubled teens into bloodsuckers, of course. Will and Magnus track Tesla down and try to stop his evil plan. We're just hoping Jonathon Young gets a few good one-liners in that'll tide us over until January.

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