So tonight is finally the night for you to stand on some crazy ass line and cram yourself into a packed sold out showing of James Cameron's mega-epic Avatar -- the film 20th Century Fox says will change EVERYTHING! But was it worth the hype? Our two reviewers at Cinematical were mixed. Todd Gilchrist liked the film, but admitted it wasn't exactly a groundbreaking masterpiece, whereas Peter Hall asbolutely fell in love with the thing.

From Todd's review: Ultimately, however, I do think that Cameron's latest is a terrific movie, and I look forward to watching and examining it again, even if some of its shortcomings require no more than one viewing to notice. The reason for this isn't because I hope that I'll some day overlook them, or excuse them among Avatar's more exceptional aspects, but because I realize that even if you aren't quite able to make something that qualifies as a game changer, at least in his case, it's still good enough just to be the best player on the field.

From Peter's review: Avatar is about transporting a viewer to the awe-inspiring alien world of Pandora and integrating them into its fantastic way of life for 150 minutes. That's the bullseye Cameron is aiming for, and that is the bullseye he obliterates.

Now it's your turn. Let us know what you thought of the film below by voting in our poll and sounding off in the comments section. Did it blow your mind, or did it just plain blow?