There's a journalistic standard that a dog biting a man isn't news, so when a link to a story about a four-year-old boy getting drunk, stealing presents and wearing a dress was sent to me, I had to check it out. But what really caught my eye was when I got to the Huffington Post, the next article was entitled, "Archaeologists Claim They've Found Lost City of Atlantis."

Apparently some undersea archaeologists working in the Caribbean have found the ruins of an ancient city. The video after the jump shows some of the satellite images that resemble something that could in fact be a city. The same archaeologists, who have both refused to identify themselves or the location in which they are working, have claimed that the structures they've found predate the pyramids of Egypt. They also claim the images show a pyramid within the city.

Of course, earlier this year Google Earth found similar patterns on the ocean floor near Spain, which caused the last round of "Atlantis found" speculation. It makes me want to research how many claims to "Atlantis Found" there have been.

Check out the video images after the jump.

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