Hardened criminal or rabid movie-watcher? Saira Virginia Denny-Cline sits in an Iowa City jail cell for not returning a stack of movies checked out from the local library in a timely manner. 53 titles were due back to the library on October 2nd and Denny-Cline made no apparent attempt to return the films, valued at $1,360.

First of all, 53 movies? Every library I've ever been to places a cap on how many things you can have checked out at once. Seems to me like the Iowa City Public Library should really think about executing a similar program. Yes, Denny-Cline didn't return them in time, but they could've prevented some of this by not loaning over fifty films to a single person. I wouldn't even do that with my own collection.

Secondly, I've got to know what's in that stack. I need to know what films Denny-Cline deemed so important that she'd risk jail time to hold on to. If Miss March is in the stack, I say let her rot.

(via KCRG)