In 'The Bounty Hunter', rom-com queen Jennifer Aniston is on the run from the law ... and her ex.

Aniston plays Cassidy Daley, who after skipping a court date, crosses paths with her ex-husband Milo (Gerard Butler), a cop-turned-bounty hunter charged with the enviable task (or so he thinks) of bringing his ex-wife to justice. From there on, hilarity ensues, as they say: Cassidy winds up in the trunk of Milo's car, Milo winds up in his own handcuffs, and Cassidy tries everything -- crying, seduction and (when that doesn't work) crotch-punching and a well-timed taser -- to get out of his grips. But as Milo learns more and more about what's behind Cassidy's behavior, the two try to work together to ensure her safety. Watch the trailer after the jump.