For those looking for more Sam Rockwell after his turn in this year's 'Everybody's Fine' and 'Moon,' we offer the indie film 'Lawn Dogs' as your free movie of the day.

This quirky 1998 drama features a young, pre-'O.C.'Mischa Barton as 10-year-old Devon Stockard, a precocious, lonely, cookie-shilling misfit who rebels against her uptight, judgmental parents (Kathleen Quinlan and Christopher McDonald) and her uptight, judgmental gated community of Camelot Gardens when she strikes an unlikely friendship with their gardener Trent (Rockwell) who lives in a trailer in the woods down the way. Devon is still recovering from a faulty heart, while Trent has his own scars from a gunshot, and the two bond over their wounds and a shared sense for stirring up trouble.
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