Are women so repulsed by Star Trek that it keeps them out of the tech field? That's not exactly what the study from the December Journal of Personality and Social Psychology states, but it's how Wired chooses to spin it.

The study placed participants into two computer office environments -- one littered with comic books and decorated with Trek posters, the other with neutral decor, including plants and tasteful art prints. The women responded more negatively to the "geek" room, with all participants placed in the geek room showing less interest in computer science than women placed in the non-"geek" room. A different test presented female participants with two hypothetical options for a work environment -- again, geeky and non-geeky -- and every woman chose the non-geeky workspace.

While the Journal says the results are indicative of a feeling of belonging -- that pop-culture esoterica can create an environment that women find more exclusive than inclusive -- Wired's bold headline, "Star Trek Stops Women From Becoming Computer Scientists", suggests that Wired is run by a bunch of sensitive Star Wars fanboys.

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