For contemporary audiences, Mel Brooks shares a lot in common with filmmakers like the Zucker brothers: he's a guy who pioneered a lot of the conventions of modern parody who may or may not quite still be relevant. In other words, his influence is undeniable; but the longevity of his body of work? Not quite as assured.

Brooks' films are definitely not 100 percent consistent (it should tell you something that Dracula: Dead and Loving It and Life Stinks never seem to find their way into his home-video boxed sets), but the ones that hold up are truly great: Young Frankenstein, Silent Movie, and Blazing Saddles still have viewers in stitches, and many others from that time, including To Be or Not To Be, Spaceballs, and High Anxiety, still hold special places in the hearts of their fans. But whether you like only one or two of Brooks' films or all of them, the new Mel Brooks Collection is sure to pique your interest since it marks the first extensive release of the writer-director-producer's films in high-definition, along with a slate of new bonus materials that just might make you want to throw out older editions.

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