Once Christopher Guest tackled the world of serious dramatic cinema, studio intervention, plastic surgery, and the woes of For Your Consideration, my thoughts on awards ceremonies changed. It's not that I was enlightened -- the themes are nothing new -- but now I simply cannot look at any awards announcements like the Golden Globes nods without thinking back to Marilyn Hack. ...especially when some of the award nominations are announced by cast member John Krasinski.

While I could never give this film the love I'd give to most of Guest's mockumentaries, I simply adore Catherine O'Hara's Hack, especially the scene after the jump. After filming Home for Purim, she waits with nervous hope for the award nominations to be announced. In the wee hours of the morning, they're revealed, and Ms. Hack's name is nowhere near it. Drunk, distraught, and devastated, she heads outside to go throw something away and is microphone-accosted by Fred Willard's ridiculous TV man, Chuck.

With that "plastic surgery" face that I still can't believe O'Hara can pull off without prosthetics, Hack rants about being looked over, and about that damned French girl who made it on the list: "It's FRENCH. It's not legal." Watch out, Marion Cotillard!

The clip is after the jump, and beware, Ms. Hack has one choice expletive for Ms. Foreign.