Before '300' and 'Watchmen,' Zack Snyder began his filmmaking career by remaking everyone's favorite zombie movie, 'Dawn of the Dead.'

George Romero's classic 1978 version blended social commentary, gruesome special effects and, yes, even character development to make a frightening statement about society's rampant consumerism. Even 25 years later, the film's premise -- a band of survivors hole up in a shopping mall during a zombie apocalypse -- still seems relevant today. (Especially so this time of year as droves of shoppers swarm stores for holiday bargains.)

Snyder's 2004 take skillfully incorporated most of the themes of the original, while adding a few new ones for good measure. His film follows small-town nurse Ana (Sarah Polley) as she wakes up to find the nice little girl from next door taking a massive chunk out of her husband's neck. Ana's ensuing scramble to save her own neck leads her to a suburban mall, where she and a small crew of survivors wait for rescue.
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