Everyone seems to agree that movie theater etiquette has been on the decline for some time. The fact that people have come to treat theater auditoriums like their living rooms is no longer even worth pointing out: it's simply true, and generally acknowledged. A more interesting question is what you do about it. A couple of days ago, the gadget blog Gizmodo, perhaps as penance for the misery wrought upon moviegoers by the subjects of its obsession, ran a piece called "It's Time for Us to Fight Back Against Movie Talkers." It rehashes some more-or-less trite points (if you're going to speak, do it quietly; keep your cell phones in your pockets and purses), but also raised some good ones, such as: "Really, it's OK to tell people to shut up."

This got me thinking: we frequent moviegoers know that fellow patrons can often be incredibly obnoxious -- talking, cell phones, seat-kicking, late arrivals. But when people around you are being loud, disruptive, or otherwise annoying, what do you do about it? Do you shush them? Confront them? Complain to management? If so, where is the line people have to cross before you'll take action?
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