There's always something to spot in the movies beyond the basic plot -- one little thing or a horde slipped in covertly to please the die-hard fans and watchful eyes. Sometimes it's so obvious it can't be missed, like Bruce Campbell's cameos in Spider-Man and Raimi's car, and sometimes it's so subtle there is no chance in hell to ever know -- like the period-authentic papers littering the jail in Watchmen. Now there's New Moon. The film has been out for a while (still holding the #5 spot), and now director Chris Weitz has shared with EW some of the little things he slipped into the second installment of The Twilight Saga.

Some are little basic things, like the hints of wolves showing up on everything from shirts to bowls, or the appropriateness of playing Strauss' "Die Fledermaus" in the Volturi's elevator. Others are a little funkier. Weitz threw in a golden compass nod that you might have spotted, and there are even a few real world twists. For example, a Quileute phrase, "Kwop kilawtley" is said by Jacob before the almost-kiss with Bella, and the phasing of the moon with the title isn't backwards, but rather scientifically accurate.

Granted, these are nothing compared to the Widespread Panic of Willow Power, but really, nothing is. Did you spot all the little nods Weitz threw into New Moon?
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