Whether you like it or not, a big-screen version of the TV show 21 Jump Street, which starred Johnny Depp's cheekbones, is inexorably making its way through the highways and byways of the studio system. First came the news that Jonah Hill was developing a treatment of it, then the word was out that Hill planned to make it rather R-rated. As he told Complex magazine, "[Sony execs said] they were gonna let me make my kind of movie - an R-rated, insane, Bad-Boys-meets-John Hughes-type movie - and I told them the second they don't, I'm not gonna be involved anymore."

Now Variety is reporting that the guys behind of this summer's tasty animated movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs are talking to Columbia Pictures about directing 21 Jump Street. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who also wrote the screenplay for Meatballs, have worked together since the short-lived TV series Clone High from 2002 to 2003. Mike Bacall, Joe Gazzam, and Jonah Hill are behind the screenplay, and Neil Moritz will produce. (Jonah Hill is an executive producer on the project.) Moritz is also producing The Bounty Hunter, starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, and The Green Hornet, along with a slew of other films.

So, what do you think Jonah Hill and friends have in store for fans? Sounds like Hill et al will be aiming for a male target audience, but perhaps they'll lure in some sexy stars for that Johnny Depp/Richard Grieco effect that worked surprisingly well for the Fox Network.
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